Call for Panels

EDSIG Conference on Information Systems and Computing Education

Call for Panels


This year's conference is seeking panel discussions on educational trends in Data Analytics and Cyber Security, challenges in Online Learning, and issues related to implementing innovation in Pedagogy and IS Curriculum. However, we welcome strong proposals in any area related to Information Systems Education. The conference will feature three to six panel discussions.

Panels Chair

Lionel Mew

University of Richmond

Submission Deadline

  • June 15
    For full consideration and inclusion in conference promotion
  • July 15
    If space in the program is still available

Submission Instructions

The following information should be prepared and submitted through our unified submission system. Be sure to select Panel.

move_to_inbox Submission System

  1. Panel Title
  2. Moderator: Name, Affiliation and Email Address
  3. Panelist(s): Name, Affiliation and Email Address
  4. Panel Overview: Maximum of 250 words
  5. Target Audience: Maximum of 50 words
  6. Time Requested: 25, 50, or 75

Submission Requirements

Proposals should indicate a moderator (who will help facilitate discussion) and at least two (but no more than 5) panelists.

At most two participants (including the moderator) can come from the same institution / affiliation. Thus, the minimal proposal can include three presenters (a moderator and two panelist) with at two institutions represented. However, preferred proposal should include three or more panelists with three or more institutions represented.

In the Panel Overview include a very brief description of the moderator's and panelists' expertise / background on the proposed topic.

The moderator and all panelists must be registered for the conference.