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EDSIG Conference on Information Systems and Computing Education

Journal Information

Papers submitted prior to the July deadline are eligible for ISEDJ publication. The best paper from the EDSIG Conference will also be given special consideration for publication in JISE. Papers must be presented at the conference to be eligible for journal publication. All accepted/presented papers are published in the proceedings, but journal published papers are listed in the proceedings with an abstract and a reference to the full journal publication. ISEDJ is indexed by Google Scholar and is listed in Cabell’s Journal Directory. ISEDJ has a 40% acceptance rate.


General Process

Award Winning Papers

The top papers (based on peer-review) submitted prior to the June deadline are sent to the Papers Award Coordinator and undergo additional reviews from past award-winning authors. The best papers (typically representing the top 15% of submitted papers) receive recognition as meritorious, distinguished, or best paper. Award winning papers are automatically invited to publish in ISEDJ.

Top Papers

The top 25% of papers submitted prior to the July deadline are automatically invited to resubmit for ISEDJ publication. Notifications are made by December 15.

Eligible Papers

Papers submitted prior to the June deadline that were not in the top 25%, can be submitted to ISEDJ after the December 15 notification deadline for an additional series of reviews by the ISEDJ Editorial Board. The goal is to reach 40% acceptance rate among the pool of papers eligible for ISEDJ publication. Final publication decisions are sent to authors as they are determined by the journal review process and issue publication scheduling.


Resubmission is required and authors are strongly encouraged to make improvements and corrections based on the overall conference feedback.

Journal Contacts

ISEDJ Editor

Jeffry Babb

JISE Editor

Lee Freeman

ISEDJ Publisher

Thomas Janicki