Conference on Information Systems Applied Research

Conference Theme:
Business Intelligence in a World of Big Data

As the continuing expansion of business on the Internet intersects with anywhere/anytime mobile communications/computing, there arises the dual challenge of massive quantities of data and a compelling desire to turn that data into business insight. The challenges for IS education and business strategy overlap:

  • What is the intellectual foundation upon which the exploration and analysis of the data should rely?,
  • What technology resources are needed to capture and manage the flood of data?, and
  • what is the balance that IS education and business training should strike to provide both career opportunity and business advantage in the decade to come?

The ISECON/CONISAR 2013 conference committee solicits scholarly contributions and panel discussions encompassing IS educators, researchers, and practitioners to illuminate these questions and posit approaches and theories that inform curricula and business strategies to exploit these challenges to benefit both graduates seeking IS careers and businesses seeking market advantage. Ongoing exploration includes modeling (data, process, and business), data management, data mining, data warehousing, data analytics, business analytics, and online analytical processing among many others.