Conference on Information Systems Applied Research

Call for Participation

CONISAR (Conference on Information Systems Applied Research) focuses on research dealing with real-world practical applications of information systems, sciences, and technology. Leading papers submitted to CONISAR are also considered for review and publication in JISAR (Journal of Information Systems Applied Research).

Important Dates

  • June 1: Consideration for best papers, proceedings, and potential JISAR inclusion.
  • July 21: Consideration for proceedings and potential JISAR inclusion.
  • August 1: Consideration for proceeding publication.

How to Submit

All submissions (papers, cases, abstracts, workshop proposals) can be submitted though the EDSIG Papers Management System.

Conference Theme

Business Intelligence in a World of Big Data

CONISAR 2013 invites papers, cases, panels, and abstracts on:

  • Applied IS Research & Methodologies
  • Business Intelligence / Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Database Management & Warehousing
  • Digital and Multimedia Technologies
  • ERP/Business Processes/Supply Chain
  • IT Management and Strategy
  • Security/Networks/Telecommunications
  • Systems Development / Software Eng.
  • Web Applications / Web 2.0


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Appalachian State University
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Georgia Tech